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St Ives Director of Tennis, Creig Matthieson, has a mission for the Junior Tennis Program to provide each junior player the tools needed to fully enjoy the game of tennis for a lifetime!

Tennis gives a child confidence, builds character, provides an excellent source of exercise, and is fun to play. The teaching concept that he has instilled upon the teaching staff at St Ives is based on the fact that every child learns differently and has their own “style”. Each junior in our tennis program is encouraged to be creative and to develop their own style without sacrificing the fundamentals.

Our Head Pro/Junior Coordinator, Stuart Marcus, and Staff Professional Davis Dawson, have brought forth new enthusiasm to our Junior Program. The Junior Tennis Program runs year round with ALTA in the spring and fall and USTA in the summer and winter.

St Ives offers junior tennis players social events, club tournaments and summer camps. In addition, we offer Junior Tennis Academies that provide advancement to their skills through an in-depth instructional program designed for all levels of tournament players. Each Academy player is placed in an appropriate level based on two primary categories; level of maturity and level of ability.

St Ives Junior Tennis Academy Primary Focus:
• Option to train multiple days a week
• Weekly technical and tactical training sessions
• Level based on hitting evaluation and maturity assessment
• 4 - 7 players per instructor
• Specificity of conditioning and fitness